I came into the piece with a lot of professional work on my resume, however, working with Kasia opened my eyes to what was possible. I think anyone, whether they have little experience to someone with a lot of experience, can gain something from her.

Kendra Goehring

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The experience I had with you as a director has been one of the most valuable of my education.

Silvia Manazzone

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Working with you was one of my highlights at GSA, and I think it taught me a lot in having full trust in the director.

You created a safe space for work to thrive and for me to try things out without fear of failing.

Sam Coggin


I played Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet' directed by Kasia [Teatr Dramatyczny, Białystok, Poland]. Meeting her during my career was the best experience in my life. She created a safe space where I could open my soul as an actor and I could be a character, not only play the character. Thanks to her, I learned to be in the moment - which made my being on stage so magical.

Rafał Supiński


You helped me how to look at the text and how to build a character whilst finding truth in my performance. 

Oliver Melvin


During our time together, Kasia was unafraid to challenge my work and push me to make bolder acting choices.

Andrew Houghton


I will never forget the moment when you approached me after the last show of 'The Government Inspector' and told me those incredible words. Believe me or not, they gave me the power and determination to move forward and be true to my art and purpose within it.

Adriana Grigoriev

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Working with Kasia has been one of my greatest memories as an actor so far. Kasia was persistent to cut out any additional attempt to 'ACT', and just be true to the moment.

Mckenzie Alexander