Silvia Manazzone , Workshop for Masters





“After three years working professionally in the fast pace acting industry, worrying about looks, good impression, contacts, marketing, it's so easy to leave in second place what I actually started this career for: acting, and doing it well. Interpreting a character takes time, reflection, studies, do it and analyse it in order to grow.  Kasia's workshop For Masters, not only brought back the pleasure of true acting, but also gave essential tools to apply to any casting and videotape, to bring your audition quality to the next level, and to enjoy while doing it. The course was short but complete, and very very rich. We have the time to practise, presenting our work every lesson, not as a final product, but as a step into the studies of the character. Receiving honest feedback not only from her but from our fellow students, we could apply the feedback straight away and see and understand the different outcomes. 5 days was a good amount to get started, but you can never have enough of a good thing and I am definitely ready for  round 2! "

Asta Rentola – Workshop for Masters

"I have had the privilege to work with Kasia twice. Kasia has a beautiful skill to create safe learning environment for students to be brave and free. She has gently invited me to explore and dive deeper in my acting, allowing me to find new depths I can't imagine I could've reached alone. As an acting teacher Kasia is honest, dedicated, detailed, precise, encouraging and committed in supporting your progress. At Kasia's online course we did simple but effective exercises every week, gradually going deeper with our monologues, interaction with fellow actors and character work. All material worked surprisingly well online, and it was lovely working with actors from all around the world - the upsides of online courses! Kasia has taught me a lot about truthful acting. With Kasia it is 100% guaranteed she won't let you be sloppy, superficial or mundane in your performance. I wholeheartedly recommend Kasia's workshops."

Emily  Nicole Cameron - Workshop for Beginners


"The Actor's Workshop allowed me to experiment with the text and taught me what it meant to be truly present as an actor. Kasia makes it clear that acting is the "art of choice." Our incredibly detailed work made it possible for me to express the character's thoughts through the body and voice with authenticity and emotion. I had a wonderful experience in this course and look forward to discovering more about the craft in future workshops!"

Hadeel Mufti – Workshop for Beginners


"We used Shakespeare sonnets to drive our acting skills. We were addressing the foundations of a sonnet while interpreting the role of the speaker and meaning behind the words. We looked into various ways of shaping the sonnet's delivery through different circumstances while also focusing on listening, communicating and interacting with our partners.  

All points shared in the workshop were very valuable for anyone who wants to dive into acting. Kasha pushes us to try things differently making it truly an eye-opening experience.

I'm looking forward to hearing about other workshops she might lead in the future."

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